"I didn't think the perfect gift was out there, but you guys found it."                    

What started out as a request from an old client and now good friend, has become a regular activity, much to my delight.

Who is the commissioner?

Often the commissioner is a third party and has decided such a gift would be perfect for their friend’s wedding, bar mitzvah or landmark birthday. But I’ve also developed artworks with couples who want to celebrate their relationship. And am always curious to hear of any celebration. 

What is the process?

Depending on the client, I always try to start the project with a conversation. Meeting for a coffee if possible, or a phone chat, if not. Here we outline the story that wants to be told. Curious, I ask as many questions as permitted, seeking those glorious details, allowing me to paint a picture that is both personal and celebratory. I then return to my studio, creating a quick mock up that I share with the client. Once the concept has been approved, I create the artwork.

(above Gerred, Hettie and their new girl, Ottie, with the giant drawing I created for them.)

What is the cost?

This is wholly dependant on the specifics of the artwork, such as size and creation complexity. Plus details such as framing and international delivery. Though I endeavour to deliver a product that is within the means of the individual and fees have ranged from £250 to £2500.

What is the result?

For me, the result is always a delight. Creating commercial illustrations can be exciting, and self directed works enriching, but working on privately commissioned artworks has always been heartwarming. Understanding those personal stories, and being part of someone else's celebration is a true joy.

And the responses I get from those that receive the gifts… that feels ok, too.

Like the idea of a personalised artwork for someone you know, or even as a celebration of self!? Let me know via toby.melvillebrown@gmail.comor +44 7871134389